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Thank you for your support!

DuPage Politicians


Jeff Gahris, "Thanks for supporting efforts of our youth to explore nature!", "This is wonderful", "I have noticed a number of homes with sunflowers growing"


Marybeth Carlson, "This is great! I'm always encouraged when I see youngsters working to promote pollinators. I will certainly pass this information on to our Forest Preserve President. Thanks for sharing!"


Tim Elliott, "I really think this is a great example of what one person can do with some determination and good will."


Tina Tyson-Dunne, "Thank you for sharing this great project! I've actually heard of it through some of our County Board members. I will happily share with others."

Radio & Newspaper


Donna Vickroy, "She’s also planning to develop her own sunflower hybrid, which she plans to call The DuPage Sunflower. “I’m hoping to see sunflowers everywhere in a few years,” she said. “They help the earth and spread joy."


Chris Miles, "I love it when people try to make things better in the communities they live in and Delanie has such a great spirit and heart to do just that."

The DuPage Sunflower Project - Chicago Tribune - Naperville Sun

Schools & Social Media

  • Tweeted by the DuPage County Health Department.

  • Tweeted by the City of West Chicago.

  • Handed out seeds at St. Alexander’s Parish in Villa Park at the craft sale.

  • The Geneva United Methodist Church in Geneva, Illinois handed out Sunflowers at their Swedish day event.

  • Horizon Elementary School, District U-46, in Hanover Park, handed out over 500 seed packets.

  • The Illinois Ornithological Society reached out in support for Delanie's Project!

The DuPage Sunflower Project - DuPageCounty  Heath Department
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