Plant Sunflowers | Inspire Happiness | Save the Planet

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Support Our Mission
1. Plant a Sunflower at your Home
2. Share Extra Seeds & Happiness
Share with the community and get people growing Sunflowers
3. Save The Planet
Sunflowers remove, transfer, stabilize, and destroy contaminants
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How To Plant a Sunflower Seed

Mission: Plant a Sunflower at Every Home In DuPage County to Inspire Happiness and Save The Planet!
Sunflower Seed Planting Instructions 
** Plant After Danger of Frost, Frost will kill your Sunflower
Days To Bloom: 100 Days
Sun Requirements: 6+ Hours of Full Sun
  1. SOW Seed Indoors for 7-14 Days Until Seedlings Emerge, Plant seeds at a 1 Inch Depth​
  2. Plant Sunflower Seedling Outdoors in Average Soil in a Full Sun Area, with Seedlings 12-18 Inches Apart​
Sunflower Growing Lifecycle

Our Mission

Sunflowers Help Save The Planet

  1. Sunflowers reduce the major components of smog and degrade them to harmless components
  2. Sunflowers are planted after nuclear disasters to help absorb toxic metals and radiation from the soil
  3. Sunflowers take heavy metals from contaminated soil in a way that's completely natural and un-harmful to the soil and its surrounding ecosystems

Sunflowers Make People Happy

  1. Sunflowers symbolize adoration, good luck, longevity, and happiness
  2. Sunflowers bright, yellow petals have an immediate positive Impact on mood bringing joy and putting smiles on peoples faces

Sunflower Fun Facts

  1. The Guinness World Records' record for the tallest sunflower is 30 ft 1 in
  2. In 2012 Sunflower Seeds were brought to the International Space Station

Why Sunflowers Follow The Sun

  1. During the day, young Sunflower plants track the sun from east to west
  2. At night Sunflowers turn to face east waiting for the sun to rise
  3. Adult Sunflowers just settle down and face east

Support Us

The Sunflower-Project was started by Delanie (5th grade), while learning about all the cool things Sunflowers can do. Delanie thought it would be neat to have everyone plant sunflowers to spread happiness and save the planet. 

The Sunflower-Project is meant to be a fun way to teach kids about 
  1. Spreading Happiness
  2. Giving Back to the Community 
  3. Environmental Responsibility
  4. How to Make an Impact on Your Community
Note From Delanie's Dad (Justin)

        We've had a lot of fun setting up this project with Delanie. It's been a great learning experience on how to give back to the community.

        Anyone can contribute to the Sunflower Project's Mission of Spreading Happiness & Saving the Planet
  1. Planting a Sunflower at your home
  2. Engaging Local Businesses and the Community
  3. Spreading the Mission on Social Media
        We appreciate all of your contributions to the Sunflower Project's Mission and appreciate everyone's help!
Please email: with your contributions and I will update the website.
**Please put "Sunflower-Project" in the subject line of the email.
        I'm excited to think about all the Sunflowers that we can grow in DuPage county!


Local DuPage County Business Sponsors


How To Sponsor

Local DuPage County Business Sponsors

How to Sponsor the Sunflower-Project in 2022
  1. Have Sunflowers at your place of Business
  2. A basket of sunflower seeds (for people to take)
  3. Small/Medium yellow sign reading (see example)​​
  4. Email Picture Proof of 1-3 to 
    1. "Sunflower-Project-Sponsor" in the subject line of the email.
    2. Proof of the Sunflower/Seeds/Sign
    3. Company Logo (to be displayed on website)

Plant Sunflowers | Inspire Happiness | Save the Planet

Plant a Sunflower at Your Home or Business

We are a Sponsor of the DuPage County Sunflower-Project, helping spread happiness, giving back to the community, saving the planet & teaching the next generation how to make an impact.



For other questions and comments email

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