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Spread Sunflowers & Happiness
Across DuPage County

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Plant Sunflowers | Inspire Happiness | Save the Planet

Our Mission
To Plant a Sunflower at Every Home In DuPage County to Inspire Happiness and Save The Planet!
Help Our Mission By:
  1. Planting Sunflowers

  2. Sharing Seeds & Happiness

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Our Children's Book

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    Lanie Plants a Sunflower is a children's book based on a girl whose dream is to spread sunflowers and happiness throughout her community. 

    The theme of the book is meant to teach kids that you can have a
 small idea that can have a big impact!

The book prompts the reader with a question- "What is a way you can spread happiness and joy in your town?"


Lanie Plants a Sunflower

Our Story


Download our Free Children's 

eBook: Lanie Plants a Sunflower


    The DuPage Sunflower Project began when Delanie, a 5th grader, was thinking about how she could plant bright yellow Sunflowers to spread happiness and help the environment.

he came up with a wonderful idea to plant a few sunflower seeds each day while on her walk to school, and by the end of the school year, there would be rows of big beautiful yellow sunflowers. The thought of this made her so happy, she wanted to share her happiness with everyone! With the help of her Mom and Dad, we’ve created The DuPage Sunflower Project which all stemmed from Delanie’s idea. 

    Help us inspire happiness across the community, spread joy and have a positive and beneficial impact on the environment by planting sunflowers everywhere!


"Delanie is encouraging businesses to grow sunflowers, which in-turn produce sunflower seeds, which in-turn can be planted to grow more sunflowers, now that is paying it forward"

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